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How To Plan A Destination Wedding

You’ve said ‘yes’ to marrying your special someone, have a beautiful ring on your finger that you keep stealing glances at and now it’s time to start planning your wedding. For couples that want to truly immerse themselves and their guests in an unforgettable wedding experience, a destination wedding has the power to create an amazing start to your life-long journey together.

Picture perfect location

Choosing the right destination and venue to host your special day is the most important decision in planning a destination wedding. If barefoot vows on a pristine white sandy beach followed by a whimsical garden ceremony has you gushing with delight, opt for a tropical island beach wedding or if you’re a foodie with a fondness for excellent wines and farm-to-table ingredients – a winery in the Adelaide Hills or South Africa’s Cape Town might suit better. Another item to consider is travel time. A flight and luxury yacht transfer to an island is one thing, but a 30-hour flight itinerary followed by an eight-hour all-wheel drive and camel ride to your desired destination might make it tough for some guests.

Important pre-event dates

Give your guests generous opportunity to plan and prepare. Aim to send out a ‘Save the Date’ 12 months prior to your event with the formal invitation sent six to eight months ahead of your big day.

Create an experience for your guests

Organise (with help from your wedding planner!) an itinerary to help your guests make the most of your destination. While you don’t need to account for every minute of every day, think about including in your itinerary activities such as a group dinner prior to the wedding, a tour of your destination, an authentic local experience or activity, or a special farewell breakfast.

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort offers group day tours to Whitehaven Beach on luxury vessels, cocktail masterclasses in Pacific – the resort’s signature restaurant and bar, jet ski adventures from the island’s beachfront and more.

Take advantage of wedding packages on offer

Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort offers three island wedding packages, which help couples to plan a bespoke wedding experience. Wedding packages often cost less than having individual suppliers for each component of your big day, as they leverage group numbers and tap into the partnerships and facilities already available at a location. Additionally, island wedding packages are designed to help couples work through the logistics, price and aesthetic considerations that come with hosting a group celebration in a unique destination.

Tap into professional help to ease the pressure

Make use of a location’s wedding planner. From your first enquiry to the moment you say ‘I do’, a wedding planner will take you on an idyllic journey to deliver everything from sacred wedding moments to sensory delights and epic celebrations. A planner who has organised previous weddings at your chosen location will have a deep knowledge of the venue – it’s highlights, potential drawbacks and ultimately how you can create the wedding of your dreams.

“When couples get married at InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, I take the bride and groom-to-be on a highly personalised journey of bespoke inclusions and tailored touches; where private menu tastings, unprecedented styling opportunities, luxurious ocean view stays and world class service are just the beginning,” Rebecca said.

Make it easy for your guests

Create a simple website or brochure with all the relevant details about your destination wedding itinerary. Information on the best way to get there, times, dates, locations, weather and local destination advice, attire to bring as well as the contact details for your hotel or resort are important and best to have all in the one place.

There are many aspects to consider when planning a destination wedding and it’s best to work with a location expert. If your heart is set on a breathtaking Hayman Island wedding, contact us on email.

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