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Guide To Snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef

Nestled in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Hayman Island has direct access to unsurpassed snorkelling locations across the Whitsundays region.

In partnership with by-water activity provider Ocean Dynamics, our activities team seek to unveil Australia’s most stunning underwater gardens and introduce guests to a kaleidoscopic array of local marine life along the way. While locations vary dependant on guest requests, weather conditions and tidal changes, Ocean Dynamics have shared some of the snorkelling locations they love taking our guests to.

Manta Ray Bay on Hook Island

As the second largest island in the Cumberland group, Hook Island offers ideal snorkelling and diving sites across a myriad of sheltered enclaves including Manta Ray Bay. While on Manta Ray Bay, Ocean Dynamics offer fish feeding while also guiding guests to see the underwater Manta Ray Sea Sculpture (part of the Whitsunday Public Artwork Project) which is easily accessible at only 7m deep.

Butterfly Bay

Each morning and afternoon Tropical North Queensland’s most distinct butterfly species, the Ulysses Butterfly, flutters in colourful swarms across this bay, hence the name Butterfly Bay. Located on the northern side of Hook Island, this snorkelling destination is a close distance from Hayman Island and one of Ocean Dynamics favourite snorkelling sites due to its population of colourful reef fish and intricate coral outcrops.

Find Nemo on Cateran Bay

Ocean Dynamics will anchor at Border island and take you to Cateran Bay for iconic snorkelling sights. This Bay is perhaps the most iconic location for clownfish – otherwise known as Nemo – to reside. It’s also home to Queensland Leopard Groupers, Maori Wrasse, large clams and various soft and hard coral species.

Luncheon Bay

Accompanied by one of Ocean Dynamics’ expert guides, hop into the Whitsunday waters at Luncheon bay and dip beneath the surface to see coral gullies, ledges and bommies swarming with majestic Red Emperors, Grassy Sweetlips, Blue Spotted Rays, Batfish and more.

Take a private charter to Blue Pearl Bay

Slip into the water to admire schools of tropical fish, sea snakes, turtles and even whales – yes, whales. During Whale Season (June-September) snorkellers have been known to hear whales singing to one another and have spotted whales close to Blue Pearl Bay during their escapades.

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